Done with Images


I know, I know, this is taking for-ever.
There is just so much there I have to organize, but after getting my cloud organized (yay me!) I am back to writing and I am so glad I decided to stop and organize when I did. It makes it all so much better to know where the images are located so when I need to put in my image tag, I have a map.

I got my old and new Windows 7 computers back from the computer guy and he shut off the telemetry on both computers for me. This way, Microsoft has absolutely no way to get into my computers hahahahahahah.

I am one of those people that never updates. None. The Lenovo computer I bought in 2012 had never had a single update, and guess what? It runs great! Same with my desktop Windows7 which I’ve had even longer. The computer I had before the Windows7 desktop, I did updates and holy shit it was a nightmare. It started to run slow, became bloated and eventually I ended up having to put it in the basement and get a new one in 2012.

The newest Windows7 has been cleaned of all its bloatware, telemetry and updates all shut off, new drivers updated and is now a mean, lean Windows7 machine. Did I say just how much I despise Windows10? I did, didn’t I?

I am waiting for a day when I have a bit of time to upload all of 7 programs on my new Windows7 which should take me a day but right now, I just am not in the mood yet, but soon.

And last night I updated my iPad to iOS 11 and wow, I absolutely love it. I tend to trust Apple a wee bit more than Microsoft when it comes to computer updates, and thankfully the end result came out just perfect.

Book is coming along beautifully, and right now I am working back and forth between all three books, they are all related but different, so when I find something in book one that really needs to go to book two, I just open my Scrivener and pop it over there.

But right now, my main focus is getting through Book one, even though the upcoming research trip is for Book two, so it will be nice to hop back into Book two world again.

When I started this book, Book two was going to be the entire book, but I felt it the subject matter truly deserved its own book and pulled out chapters and realized those were also its own book, which became book one.

With the recent capture of the Golden State Killer, I was absolutely fascinated with the description of Michelle McNamara research and writing process, she is now my writing spirit animal. And then of course Francis McDormand, who is pretty damned fierce and I just love that. These are the type of women I admire, strong, beautiful determined women.



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