Careworn & Crow-Trodden

When I started back up writing full time again, I hadn’t really used my writing computer for six months. When I started it up again, everything was fine for a few days, and then when I was using just the battery, I had a glitch that caused my Scrivner to close wrong. Every time I opened it, an annoying alert would pop up that I had to I had to close first before it opened. .

I saved my previous days work on a thumb drive and overwrote what was on my desktop. When I opened it up, the alert was gone. Yay. But there were all these weird card things on my folders, and after a while, I noticed whenever I made a new document, it would replicate from something I saved years ago. It was all these ghost pages popping up. Even if I made a folder, it wouldn’t let me title it, an old title bloomed into existence.

I ended up having to change everything, move the stuff from the folders, delete the folder and make a new folder. It took a few hours, but now everything is back to normal. Nothing was lost, but that was an entire days worth of writing.

A few weeks later and all in excellent working order (knock on coffin wood)

But then there are days like the one I had today. I was looking for some information on some 18th century French sheets of blank parchment I purchased many years ago, and when I found it, I also found in the same folder a screenshot about the topic I am currently writing about. It was from a French book published in the 19th century, the author and his fellow historians were discussing in great detail exactly what I was working on. I wanted to read the rest but all I had was a screen shot of just a paragraph.

So I hunted around, found the book on Google Books, but the book wouldn’t open. It was preview only. I did another search, different words and found a link of the book that would open.

There was 11 pages of information I had never even seen before, and it was the unpopular opinion they were discussing, not the tired same opinion of everyone saying, nah, it never happened.

The side accusing the unpopular opinion side claimed their sources were nothing but crackpots, but then the people spouting the popular opinion are actually the crackpots.

I can only read a little bit of French, so I thought I would just go ahead and pop the link of the book into Google Translate but that didn’t work. So instead, I decided to go ahead and type all those little French words into Google Translate and after a half hour of getting one page translated I remembered I had a translate scan app on my phone.

First I had to take photos of the pages on my iPad, all total it came to 11 images of very small French words. Then I redownload the translation app and as soon as I opened it up, I was met with a blizzard of ads coming at me from all sides, I couldn’t even push the button I needed to get what I needed done. And even though the translations were excellent, it kept telling me to pay up, my five free translations are up. I had only done two translations. I didn’t have the patience to fight with it so I deleted the app.

Then I figured maybe there was something on Google, so I typed in Google search: translate text from photos, and there it was. Translate.Yandex

Wow, this was So much better than I had hoped for, no ads, easy, and exactly what I needed.

I got the 11 pages translated from French to English and oh my god, it is way better than I could have hoped for. Thankfully, it was the unpopular opinion that prevailed, which made me feel vindicated because that was the way I saw it, but no one seems to want to go there today. But I do.

I forgot to mention in the photo of my old SCUD days, the front of the SCUD company car was spray-painted with the words “We Have Come For Your Daughters.” Like we were driving around in a Stephen King movie or something.

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