Rummaging through the Cloud


Tonight am going through the hundreds of folders with images I have up in the cloud and matching them up with what I already wrote on Scrivner. This way I can figure out what needs to go where, while at the same time find the best image that will fit perfectly with the topic.

This is going to take a while, I think thinking probably a few weeks. Then after that, I can finish up the first draft and then work on posters and update the website with more stuff for sale.

Also started researching hotels in New York for fifth research trip. I am so excited about this particular trip, I need to revisit a few cemeteries, drop off flowers on graves and take some photos. The hotel I think we will be staying at this one old 1880s hotel which is absolutely incredible and I really like the location. Only a three minute walk to the subway!

This time I plan on taking lots of taxis because my feet always seem to have issues, no matter how sensible my shoes are, I always seem to get a raging blister.

I did a post on Instagram without the app, another problem I found is that I can’t edit so I have to make sure what I post is exactly before hitting post. I love that I don’t have Direct Message anymore, I always broke out in a sweat every time I saw someone had messaged me.



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