While I was researching a map in New York City, I found not one but two rather huge discoveries about the topic I am working on, and I was so thrilled to find them.

This information will add another yet another intriguing layer onto the subject of the book, and I am tickled to have found it before my upcoming trip.

Yesterday was spent checking and double checking images with copy, and I am pleased with how everything is lining up perfectly. One folder I am working through, I think I will be finished with it tonight, then the next two folders are HUGE. Once those two folders are done, everything else will go so much faster. I have two more huge folders after that, but they are nearly done, and all it means is just going in and cutting.

The two folders coming up will probably take me about two or three weeks to plow through. But it is OK, because I love the subject of both folders, so it will be fun to revisit and comb through it.

I need to clarify that with this first draft, I have had to keep going back over it and add, subtract, and move sections from one book to another and vice versa, so the first draft to the end has been a long time coming. But I am almost there.



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