The Big Dark

As I watch this dystopian nightmare play out on my devices, everything feels like real-life Black Mirror.

First, the weather report:
It is really really dark here on the Oregon Coast. I see a few of my neighbors lights on, otherwise it is quiet and very dark.

The Big Dark has officially arrived.

The rainy season is here. As soon as it gets dark outside I am ready to get to work. Bonus if there is a windy rainstorm.

On the Oregon Coast, there are a few different shades of dark.

I heard an owl hooting - and much to my extreme delight, I just heard a response. A call and response, they are communicating in a language that is millions of years old.

Right now, I am currently in my element that works best for my mental health and creative output. The summer hell-scape nearly drained me, I just wanted it to end. The winter recharges my creative muse.

The Book
It’s nearly 1:00 a.m. and right now I am currently working my way through the 1880s, and yesterday I was able to plow through 7500 words (!!!) in one night. This involved a whole lot of cutting, deleting, moving huge swaths of text around, rewriting, researching again just to make sure, and when I was done I really wished I had more days that were this productive.

This next section is one that is near and dear to my heart, I am so excited and have been waiting for months now to get to it, and I am finally here. I have this routine I like to do before jumping into huge sections like this one, I organize all my notes, tie up any loose ends, finish cleaning out my photo app and uploading images to my clouds and when everything is totally absolutely caught up, only then i can go into this last big section knowing there is nothing hanging over my head and I am not forgetting anything.

This section I’ve been researching for over ten years and will also feature a nice selection of pieces from my collection, which is no doubt going to be the most controversial subject in the book. I promise there will be no ethics lessons, no lectures on consent, and most of all, I will not be injecting my personal opinions into the conversation. My goal is to make the book enjoyable and interesting without making the reader feel guilty about wanting to read more about a certain taboo subject matter.

After five years of mulling things over, I still have not sent out a single query. I don’t know, from what I’ve seen, the whole book industry just seems so - toxic. It is currently comprised of nothing but all the popular mean girls from high school who grew up and decided to be literary agents. Here’s a tip: Literary agents who aspire to be writers are not only your competition, they are also your new frenemy.

Music: Rotting Hills by Avalon Emerson


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