Incandescent Rage

The weather is hot and humid, and I feel like I am watching a slow motion Jonestown mass murder taking place in real time.

The Book
I have about a week to go and then second draft will be completed. I am looking at around 800 pages of historical narrative non-fiction. About Death. This is not a book about grief, mourning, or emotion. This book is not about that.

Most of it will have to do with the backstories of pieces from my private collection, all of it is connected from start to finish.

It will be the third draft on January 1, 2022. I want to have it published by the end of 2022.

Jack and Molly
Two of the pieces are the adult skeletons I own, Jack and Molly. Both Jack and Molly originated from Texas. Molly came from Houston and Jack originated from Galveston, Texas.

Molly looks like she was articulated during the 1960s, whereas Jack looks to be over a hundred years old and had been articulated with wire and screws. Jack is entirely complete, and he even has many of his original teeth. What is most striking is he still has his original costal cartilage which had shrunk considerably over the years.

The only bones I could find missing on both Molly and Jack were their hyoid bones. I searched everywhere for two replacement hyoid bones and as you can well imagine, there are no loose hyoid bones floating around. I found the next best thing, a jewelry designer in Sweden makes these incredible hyoid bone necklace charms almost the size of the original hyoid bone. I bought three.

When they arrived, I was so happy, they were perfect. I put one around Jack’s neck, and one around Molly’s neck, and I kept one for myself because the hyoid bone is my favorite human bone.

Study With Me
I have a new favorite “Study with Me” - these particular videos are incredibly soothing to have playing close by while working. I have the sound down and listen to my own music but I think he has them with just ambient noise.

The first one is probably my favorite, it consists of looking out a window on a street in Tokyo, Japan while its raining outside. I noticed everyone carries an umbrella, even those riding on bicycles have an umbrella.

Rainy Tokyo Morning

And this one is Tokyo at Sunset is an incredible view of Tokyo at night.

And the last one is from another Study with Me in Korea which consists of looking out an amazing picture window on Korean roof tops through the trees. You can kind of see people through the leaves.

The best ones are the ones with nothing but hands. Anything more and I just lose interest. I am still a Merve fan but she keeps adding more and more intrusive ads that it makes it hard to concentrate.

I never thought I would live through a potential Civil War, the rise of Fascism, a deadly Pandemic, a Death Cult, and Climate Collapse, all in one burning pit of emotional despair.

Music: This is America by Childish Gambino


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