It’s Too Late Forever

This has been an exceptionally hard few days for me because of Hurricane Ida. I still have PTSD from Katrina and of course, when I saw Ida barreling directly toward New Orleans, my heart sank.

I remember obsessively refreshing the live camera that was aimed at Cafe Du Monde as Katrina made landfall, hoping and praying New Orleans would be spared. Out of all the American catastrophes I’ve witnessed, I still consider Katrina and the near death of New Orleans the one that made me cry the most, especially what happened in the Lower Ninth Ward.

I have never been to New Orleans and was actually making plans to visit for a few days for my birthday but then Covid hit. The one main reason I wanted to visit was to do in-person research. A pretty substantial part of my book takes place in New Orleans in the 1850s and 1860s, and I keep wanting to get there but each time something comes up.

There is a certain building that is a significant part of New Orleans history and my subject. Unfortunately, the building is so fragile looking, I fear it may one day collapse into itself. I wanted to get to New Orleans just to see this building and instead, I ended up hiring two photographers to take beautiful photographs of the building for me, because I don’t think it will survive much longer.

And now with Hurricane Ida, I doubt the building is still standing, or if it is, it may have received considerable damage. I hope the area recovers quickly for the people in Louisiana.

Music: Water Music (1979) by Robert Fripp


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