Miles and Miles to Go


When I first started researching this book back in 2004, I was using Word, and because there was no form or function on how it was laid out, I found I got lost and ended up on endless tangents that had nothing to do with what I was working on.

If anything, I collected a massive data compilation on certain subjects, many of which have absolutely nothing to do with my book - and by 2013, I sadly realized I was merely spinning my tires in sand and getting nowhere.

Looking back, I am glad I did all that research first. I feel like now I am more than capable in being able to handle this particular subject, in 2004 I was not even close to ready.

(And yes, I am going to repeat myself again and again because I can)

Then - I discovered Scrivner and suddenly, everything came into focus, start, middle, finish. All I had to do was pop in what was needed in each section. As I mentioned previously, I have about 26 (more or less) folders which are lined up in chronological order as chapters.

I am down to around 12 (more or less) folders to plow through and then I will be done with the first draft of the first book. Book two first draft is completed, but the Cloud images are a total mess. I will deal with that later.

For both books, I began adding photo placement markers where I want the photos to go in the copy on Scrivner which looks like this:
(Image of XXX Here).

For clarification, there is no actual photo I am placing in Scrivner, just a bold red description indicating where the photo will be.

This meant I needed to go back to the first chapter folder on my Scrivner, and go through my cloud folders and have the cloud folders all coincide with my Scrivner folder. Right now the Cloud Folders are just a labeled mish-mash in no particular order, with just a simple description of what is in each folder.

It occurred to me that by having all the photo folders on the Cloud exactly the same as the word copy folders on Scrivner, in the long run, this will be very, very good. But this means I have to track down photos that are currently not in the correct folders, or are mislabeled or, as I found out, not even in my cloud.

Which is OK, I know where they are, most of the images are just placement images to use for this every reason, but when it comes time to use the actual image, I have it in my physical ephemera files and will either scan the original or take a photograph of the actual item itself.

99% of what will be in the book, it is either in one of my 34 scrapbooks or is currently in my private collection.

Doing it this way is incredibly time consuming, but I know it needs to be done. It not only helps me know what I am writing about, but it also lets me know how many images will be used for that particular subject. Last night, it took me five hours just to track down seven images for one folder. I was victorious in the end, but I realized I wish I had done this sooner, but better now than later. It will go faster because I have a much better idea what is in each of the folders that are in the Cloud.

This means that the last 12 or so chapters will be put on hold until I get the cloud images synchronized with the Scrivner folders and caught up to where I left off.

I am also picking away at the second book, a biography, and getting the itinerary filled up for this next research trip to NYC. I always get so excited working on these research trips, but I am already feeling a bit melancholy because I know it is my last research for the second book.



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