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I have a million words I have to go through and cut.
On a good day, I can cut 2000 words, and then on another good day, I cut only a paragraph but wrote 1500 words.

This is all the research I did over the past 15 years and putting it all in one cohesive order, which requires a lot of cutting because I find doubles and triples of the same thing and need to cut it.

I work on Scrivner and am working simultaneously between three books, the first one is the big one, the other two are desserts.

When I am working, I listen to a particular type of music, I don’t know who the artists are, or the names of the songs, I just like how it sounds. Apple Tunes made me aware that I guess I like gay disco and afrobeat, ska, with a dash of Arabic dance music. And dank techno that sometimes veers dangerously close to chill hop.

What I like is music that has an interesting beat and bass, but not where the bass practically dominates and takes over the whole song. Songs that are over six minutes are my favorite. I mostly don’t like vocals, they have to be more a part of the entire music rather than upfront vocals. And a bonus when the song is in another language other than English.

For writing, I put on cheap on-the-ear headphones, I can’t wear earbuds, and hit play and I listen to nonstop music from the time I sit down to write until I go to bed. In the background I have a white noise machine and then I hear absolutely nothing except the music and what is in my head.

I refuse to allow Social Media or Cable News to interfere with my creative and mental state, and I keep it at a bare minimum. Social Media is too much of a time-suck and when I finally disengaged, it was like I found myself all over again. I like being able to think about nothing else but what I am currently working on, there are just too many voices out there demanding to be heard, and after a while, it just becomes noise.

Music: You and Me by Aqua Stone Throw


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