Mountains & Tablespoons


The last few days I made such huge progress! I finally finally got my cloud in order, was over a hundred folders and now I whittled it down to a mere 27 folders. Those are my chapters, which could change as I continue to write.

The last few days I had to push through to the other side and oh my god, this was so hard because it was just moving images from Folder A to Folder T then back to Folder G over to Folder R and then after all was said and done, realizing it needed to go back into Folder A.

Which means I have to start from the beginning again because all the Folders in Scrivener had been changed around and I like to keep it going from start to finish. So back to the beginning again, but at least over half of the Folders are already done, it is more just playing catch up and tying up loose ends.

To give you an idea how huge this was, it felt like moving a mountain with a tablespoon, and now, hahahahaha I have to move that same mountain back again - but this time, it is all organized and tidy.

This way I can barrel through all the folders and know which images are in the folders in my cloud, and not have to stop in the middle of something looking for that image (I admit I often forget to tag my photos, which would make it a whole lot easier to find them) .

Even though I have hundreds and hundreds of never-before-seen images in my cloud, I still have to take photos and scan images, which is the last thing I will need to do before finally tying it all up.

I just can’t work on anything else right now until the first, solid draft is complete. Once that is done, I can get back to working on a few more posters (I have some great ideas and am itching to get on the drawing board), as well as updating the website with a bunch more items, organize my studio, get the itinerary ready for September in NYC, etc.



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