My Old Sideshow Days

Circus of the Scars
During the beginning of the pandemic, my husband produced a documentary about life on the road with the original Jim Rose Circus Sideshow during the early 1990s.

It is currently showing at Film Festivals around the country and recently won four Best Documentary Awards, including most recently Best Documentary Audience Award at the San Francisco IndieFest. So yeah, I am pretty proud of my husband.

I will tell you a secret. My husband and I met through the sideshow, he asked me to marry him on a roller coaster right before it went upside down. We met up with circus and carny folks in Sarasota, Florida and got hitched in Nashville. We even had a carny wedding in Milwaukee simply by riding a Merry-Go-Round backwards three times.

We were both involved in the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow, he was the tour manager and was the glue that kept it all together. He was also the archivist and had accumulated boxes of stuff and decided it was time to make a documentary. He worked with his director editor Chicory Wees and they birthed a wild documentary, here they are:


My own early involvement was as the Jim Rose Circus Sideshow graphic designer. I designed their official posters they sold on tour, t-shirts, banners, clown logo. And I was the one who designed and started Enigma’s tattoos on his lower legs, outlining puzzle-pieces all the way up his thighs.

When it is officially out, I will post about it here.

These were my friends during the 1990s in Seattle:
Official Trailer: Circus of the Scars


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