A Distant Thrum

Since I am still in lockdown mode from February 2020, I decided now was a good time to do a deep clean in my drawing/writing studio, my storage room and my poison boudoir.

For the last five days, I’ve been going through everything, taking inventory and moving stuff from one room to another in preparation for the book. I can’t tell you just how incredibly satisfying it is seeing everything where it should be. Knowing exactly where everything is makes working on the book so much easier, especially with the upcoming third draft.

As of this writing, I have eleven huge boxes of collectibles that will go up on either the Oddments section of the website or eBay: 19th and 20th century mortuary/funeral items, a vintage casket light, antique 1920s-1960s mortuary makeup, embalming bottles, embalming tools, embalming machine, early electric post mortem saws that look like something from the Jetsons, books, 19th century brass disinfectant sprayers, 19th c embalming tables, a huge Frigid removal basket, 3 small witch bottles, and much more!

Even though I am a five star atheist, for Christmas I bought myself a huge cache of Leslie’s Illustrated: 5 complete years from 1861, 1862, 1863, 1864 and 1865. This stack stands nearly 3 feet tall. This is the type of primary sources I love to research, it doesn’t get any better than this.

A few years ago I bought an antique 26 (give or take) inch Abraham Lincoln china doll, he looks so amazing in his wee little “Brooks Brother’s” Suit, I decided to have a replica of his first coffin made. I still need to paint the silver embellishments that were similar to those that were on the outside of his first coffin. This will be for my book.

Depending on how I feel after my Moderna booster this morning, next on the “to do” list is to start shooting and describing everything and getting it all up on the website. The Oddments pages will be updated all at once so when I am all done, the updated html code is uploaded on my website and voila!

If I don’t feel up to it, I will probably take a few days off and just chill.

A long time ago at a place that no longer exists, I was walking on the Bowery in the daytime and I remember thinking how odd it was that there was hardly anyone anywhere. It was desolate, run down. I liked it. It had character, the old New York flavor was very prominent at that time, it felt like every building and street corner still had ghosts lurking.

Right there in the middle of the day, the door to CBGB’s was unlocked and I walked right in. It was empty. I found the infamous bathroom and I can tell you that I was not disappointed, it looked exactly like I had imagined it would look.

After walking the Bowery, I ended up in the East Village and stopped to admire a huge anarchy symbol spray-painted on the side of a brick building next to a long line of biker motorcycles.

I decided it would be fun to have my photo taken next to it. I was wearing my black Brian Eno t-shirt I silk-screened myself, a pair of Ray Bans knockoffs, and I was smoking a lit Export Extra Light cigarette.

Just as my companion snapped the photo, some huge biker guy stormed out of the building and yelled at me to get the fuck away from the bikes or he would break all my fingers off. That was back in the good old days when the Hell’s Angels still had their club in the East Village.

I am thinking that will be my Author’s Photo.

Baby’s On Fire by Brian Eno


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