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Working on a Book

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Sorting a Mountain of Images

The last five days were spent organizing, sorting and deleting images for all three books. It was a huge relief because the folder where the images are stored began to take on a life of its own. I think I acquired probably over 5000 or so images and I knew I needed to get in there and wade through everything because it was to the point where I needed to know where everything was so I could easily locate them.

Because of my massive paranoia regarding losing data, I backed up all those images up in the cloud, and on not one, but two external hard-drives and Backblaze. So that is four backups. Just in case.

Last night I finally finished organizing, culling, deleting, and reacquainting myself to images I had either forgotten I had, or images I thought I had lost. At times I get overwhelmed by the magnitude of this project, but I have to remind myself that I am doing this - for me.


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Why this here now?


I love this format, it is so clean, sparse and perfect for what I want to use this platform for. I am about ½ completed with this book process and I really want to document what I am working on regarding this project and I plan to do it all without saying a whole lot about my subject matter. This is mostly about the process.

This will be my writer’s blog, which is pretty much hidden but still accessible to anyone who wants to read this. I don’t plan on posting this link on any Social Media platforms and the only way to find this link is on my website but it is not out in the open.

I think that is why I gave up blogging in the past because I get stage-fright, and feel like I have to perform on page. Here, I feel like I am invisible and am free to just write what I want.

So here we go: A little background - I began researching for this book way back in 2004, and over the years I ended

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