Cleaning Up My Cloud


The last few days have been productive. I have been going through my images and organizing all the folders in my cloud, it is going quickly and I am extremely happy with my organizational talents, not to brag but it has been a lot easier now that I can finally see the “big picture.”

Working on three books simultaneously has been a huge challenge, and there were those days when I wasn’t sure where I was, there was just so much to go through and put in its proper place. These last few days, it felt like taking a big machete and just hacking down a jungle of folders and yesterday, I saw a bit of light peeking through.

26 Chapters in First Book - 26 Folders.
I have already gone through 16 Folders and have ten folders to go.
There are 2 massive folders in that last ten folders, but they will be fun, and most of the information has been culled and written and it will be nice to see them again and cut them down even more.

This is only the FIRST draft. Much of the time has been spent researching, documenting, transcribing, organizing, culling extras I saved, merging, and just getting the book in shape. And adding notations where the images will go, that is where the Cloud Clean Up is coming in handy.

Heading into the second draft, I should have a better idea how many actual chapters there will be in the final cut. Right now, this is just “working chapters.”

I am not an academic and despise footnotes. All I plan on doing is having a large BIBLIOGRAPHY in the back of the book and of course, an index. I have kept track of every single source and I feel that it should suffice. I noticed that books before the 1980s often had just a primary bibliography and some had secondary bibliography’s. I plan on having just one bibliography, zero footnotes.

Anything I read with a massive amount of unnecessary footnotes are like pretentious speed bumps and reallly affect the rhythm of the story one is trying to tell.

Like I said, I am not an academic, nor do I want to be an academic, that stuff is just a bit too dry and hard to read. And that is just me. I am writing this book first and foremost for me first. I will be happy to share what I have written, sources and cites and the kitchen sink will all be in the bibliography in the back. Just like the old days before “Infinite Jest” made footnotes a thing. Yes, I absolutely hated that stupid book.

I should be done with the first draft by the end of September in time for my last research trip to NYC - this will be a final research trip and a celebration trip combined.



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