Unquiet Undark Undone

My husband and I have been in self-quarantine since February, and in October, it will be eight months. My husband plays music to help keep himself grounded, and me, I feel compelled to write. From the moment I get up and after I eat, I am at my writing desk until it is time to go to bed. So, about 15 sometimes 17 hours.

A lot of it is just keeping track of where everything is and where everything needs to go, there is just so much here. Moving photos around in my two clouds to line up with what is on my Scrivner has been a challenge, it is like a map of my book and sometimes I think, oh fuck. Where did I put that? So a lot of my time is not necessarily writing, just a lot of moving blocks of type around and matching up my cloud with what is happening on my Scrivner.

Today I am in a section where I am dealing with not one but five historical events that all occur within the same timeline. This means double & triple checking all of my research notes, because inevitably I will find something else up that needs to be fixed which of course changes everything else and things have to be rewritten.

Once I get through the third draft, I can start shooting photos. Right now, I have everything wrapped in archival tissue and stored in archival boxes, and everything written down in a book so I know where everything is. After I edit all the photos, I will get them all backed up on not one but two external hard drives and then upload them to their designated waiting folders in my two clouds. Scrivner has been such a godsend, before I did it all on Word Doc and couldn’t keep track of it all.

This book is not quite as photo heavy as the next two books, and I figure it will take me about three weeks of photographing for book one. The second and the third book will be primarily photographs and scans from my collection and the writing is already done for those two books. I already did a few test shoots and was quite chuffed with how well they turned out. I wish there were two of me, or even three of me.

New posters are coming soon, there are 16 new ones and as of the writing, three are inked, and one is already to fill in ink. When I end up hitting a wall writing, I head over to my drawing desk and it always feels good to ink and draw again but right now, I feel compelled to just write.

Music: Subconsciousness Whispers (Limbo Remix) by Lemonchill


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