Computer Crap


Because computers are such a huge part of writing this book, I figure I would do a rant about my recent dealings with Windows10. A few years back, I read about Windows8 and then Windows10 and I immediately knew neither one was something I was going to like. I have been a loyal Windows user since Windows95. I love Windows7. I love it so much, I even bought a second PC, brand new fully loaded Windows7 professional with tons of space. And then I put it away as a backup Windows7 computer, still in its box. This was about 5 years ago.

While working on this book, I needed a tablet-like computer that was online for quick searches since my writing computer (Lenovo ThinkPad Windows7) is offline. It would sit next to me, and I had fantasies that I would be able to quickly just open it up and do a quick search, find what I needed and get back to work.

So I broke down and bought a SurfacePro which unfortunately came with Windows 10. I had read so many good reviews and thought maybe it wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Oh My God, that damned computer made me want to take a hammer to it and throw it out the window. Every single time I wanted to use it, there was always something that needed to be done, fixed, updated, etc before I could actually use it. And the fan kept going on and staying on, and every time I lifted the lid to type, I had to log in my damned password every. Single. Time.

The amount of shit I had deal with trying to do a simple search was insane. I was being conditioned like Pavlov’s Dog, if I needed to do a search, I would reach for it and immediately gird myself knowing I would have to probably have to spend about 20 minutes dealing with whatever needed to be dealt with first before I could actually, you know, do a simple search.

I ended up using Windows Chat numerous times trying to figure out why it was doing what it was doing and not doing what I wanted it to do, until eventually, I started to use it less and less. I have never had this situation with Windows95, WindowsME, WindowsXP or Windows7.
Windows10 sucks donkey balls.

It was not a fun or easy computer, it was infuriating and a huge time waster. It was not intuitive and made me hate it each time I used it. And then one day, I just got fed up and took it to my local computer shop and had them wipe it clean. I sold it and only lost about $20 from what I originally paid for it. Good Riddance Windows10.

I ended up buying an iPad, which is exactly what I needed. I should have just bought that to begin with.

And then, and then, Microsoft decided in their infinite wisdom to act like a damned virus and infect computers without users permission and upgrade Windows users to Windows 10. Nope. I disabled all updates and thankfully saved my computer from being taken over by that nasty update - but the fact they would do that, I found myself not trusting Microsoft to leave my computer alone. Microsoft crossed the line into being a bully.

I read horror stories about how people would be in the middle of working on something, left the room for a few minutes only to come back and find that their computer had been taken over by Microsoft doing a massive upgrade. Even after users had clicked the nag screen that they did not want to upgrade, Microsoft did it anyway. This put the fear in me, because I have everything on my computer just exactly how I want it.

So now Microsoft claimed that they will no longer be doing Windows7 updates, and I figured that now is the time to get out the brand new Windows7 (still in its box) up and running. My husband is still using WindowsXP, which still works beautifully, but I figured he could have my old Windows7 (which also still works perfectly) and I can finally load up my brand new Windows7 computer with InDesign.

I bought InDesign before it all went to Cloud subscription and I am so excited to finally learn it and play around with some of the book design ideas that I have had floating around in my head for a while now.

This will probably be my last Windows computer, because after this, I will use primarily Apple products. I have an iPhone and iPad and have had zero problems compared to the amount of time wasted having to deal with Windows10.

Today I took both the old and new computers to my computer guy and he will be copying files from one to the other, which means when I get them back, I will need to spend a few days installing my programs and getting everything set up.

As far as the book update, I am still in cloud image hell. I am more than halfway completed with sorting and cataloging images, and once I am done, it will be a HUGE accomplishment for the book. It is boring work, it just means making folders and putting folders in their proper locations and ordered numerically and then tracking down the images and moving them to their proper folders.

By the end of the night, my eyes roll in the back of my head. There is no writing, there is no design work, it is all utilitarian work, it is mapping everything out and it needs to be done. I keep telling myself it is like planting seeds and that these folders will produce wonderful images that will go beautifully with my words.

Once this part is done, I will be able to actually get back to writing again.



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